Kansas City newborn photographer {4-day-old, Isaac Michael}

Isaac may have given me the eye a couple times. I actually like getting some eyes open if it weren’t so much easier to pose newborns when they’re sleepy.   As soon as I got this little guy asleep, it was time to move on to the next pose and he was not having it for a while…but when he did drift off, it was so worth it.  He has such a handsome, tiny face.  I love squishy newborns more and more every time I get the honor to photograph such an amazing and wonderful stage of life.  Just a heads up, (no pun intended) some of the below images are composite images; meaning we take two images and marry them together in Photoshop.  Newborns cannot hold their own heads up.  Please don’t try that at home.

What a cutie!

xoxo, Heather Brulez