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One of my favorite photographs is a black and white photo booth strip with my Grandparents, young and in love.  It shows my beautiful Grandmother, being silly and fun and my Grandfather, smitten and smiling ear to ear.  I love it.  My goal is to show your future generations who you are on your wedding day, in love, happy, beautiful and having the adventure of your lives.

I love that today becomes your story and your path to the next big thing and how a photograph can bring back that memory but also the sense, the feeling and the moment.

I have a deep rooted love for film, natural light and vintage cameras.  You’ll see these things throughout my home, telling the story of who we are on our walls and incorporated into my work.  I love a good adventure and a camera is always in tow!

My  tween dream was to work with Rolling Stone Magazine so I obtained my Photojournalism degree at Southern Illinois University and moved to downtown Chicago to work with a product photography studio.  Chicago is where I first started my own photography business and I love to get back there any chance I get to incorporate the architecture, the monuments and the city streets.

My husband, John, is a Kansas boy, through and through.  We’re raising our three kids and the best doggie ever on the edge of the countryside. We go to Colorado every year to enjoy the slopes.  It’s something my husband and I have done since we were dating and now we take our kids.  If I’m not skiing, I prefer the sand between my toes and will never forget the time we snorkeled the reefs of Grand Cayman to find a baby octopus hanging out inside a shell.

I want to vacation to Germany, the Greek Islands and visit all the cathedrals in Italy.  I love Cathedrals.  As a Catholic, myself, we understand the mass, respect the process and value the meanings behind the traditions.

I love history, travel, music, coffee, sushi and a good sense of humor!

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