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We're experienced, we're easy to work with, we love photography and weddings and we're based in Kansas City!

My childhood dream was to work with Rolling Stone Magazine.  I love a portrait that gives your best personality a story and admire Annie Leibovitz and her work with Rolling Stone, Life Magazine and Vogue. 

With a deep rooted love for film, using natural light and collecting vintage cameras, you'll see these influences throughout my home, telling the story of who we are on our walls and incorporated into my work.

I love travel, music, coffee, sushi and a good sense of humor!  Summer nights, small outdoor concerts, and a reason to have champagne.  I'm obsessed with chips and salsa, Netflix and yoga pants.

After graduating with a degree in Photojournalism, I began photographing weddings while working with a product photographer in Chicago. It didn't take long to fall in love with wedding photography and I never looked back.

John, my husband, and I are raising our three children, Sydnie, Johnny and George, and our dog, Bear, in the Kansas countryside.  Our favorite room is the covered deck with a wood-burning fireplace.  I also kinda love my chef's kitchen and consider myself a foodie!

We go to Colorado every year to enjoy the slopes, visit the beaches as often as possible and love warm, relaxing days at the lake where we're rehabbing a little place for our family weekends away.

Our wedding and family portraits hang on our walls have taught me that our images become more endearing with time.  I love walking by these portraits and the memories they give me.  I love giving that to my clients too!

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