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The last time I photographed Danny for portraits it was about two years ago when he was turning one.  He was pretty great then even though he wasn’t too keen on having his portraits taken.  Now, Danny just turned three and he loves the camera!  Danny is our neighbor, and Sydnie’s boyfriend.  She was very mad when I got to go on an outing with Danny and she wasn’t involved but while I edit Danny’s portraits, she keeps trying to get on my lap and points at Danny with excitement!  Danny was so fun to photograph, you just have to keep up with him.  He picked flowers for his Mom and I, he played with his baseball, his football, his soccer ball and volleyball and he loved all the attention.  Danny is all boy.  On top of all the sports he loves, he was also having a blast climbing fences.  Check out these favorites.  What a cutie!








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Lenexa Childhood Photographer

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