the ipad 2 & favorite uses as a wedding photographer

I’ve debated since the first ipad came out what use I would have and how it would benefit my photography and then one day it clicked and I’m officially on board with the ipad movement.  So, for any of you out there wondering the same thing, here’s my favorite apps and uses for the ipad2 as a photographer.

I’m going to start with the number one reason I purchased the ipad2, slideshows.  I know I can use my computer for a slideshow too but it’s not as chic when you can put the ipad in an Organic Bloom ipad2 frame and show your work at consultations, bridal shows and weddings.  In fact, I can even slideshow your engagement session at your wedding until dinner when we can put together a same day preview of your wedding portraits and show those after dinner until we leave.  And as if this wasn’t enough of a reason to jumb on the band wagon, there’s so much more I’ve discovered in just the past week that has me a super ipad2 fan.

ipad2 and photographers

2.  I love my iphone apps and finding many of the same ones for the ipad2 useful but I’m sure I have a while to play around and find more that I love too.  So, my favorite use for the ipad is showing slideshows but my favorite app so far is the PDF Expert.  This isn’t a free app but all my business forms, including my wedding contract, is ready to go as a pdf since I’m mac and many clients are pc, pdf is compatible with both.  PDF expert is going to make me feel more green since you can actually fill out a contract right on the ipad and then I can email you a copy immediately.  Which brings me to number three.

3.  The Square One.  Square One is a little device that is totally free, including shipping, allowing you to accept all major credit cards on the spot with your iphone and ipad (and some other devices I think).  Again, another green step in the right direction!  Square One automatically applies sales tax and emails or texts a receipt.  The fee for using square one credit is 2.75% of each charge in comparison to Paypal at 3%.  Plus, with Square One, they automatically deposit to your bank account every evening a purchase was charged rather than having to log into your Paypal account, withdraw funds and wait several days.

ipad snugg case

4.  The Snugg case and car head rest case that I purchased from Amazon is going to help the ipad serve another function…appease my daughter on long car rides with movies.  This needs no explanation and is priceless.  I also purchased the glare-free screen protector to protect from scratches and tiny (or large) fingerprints.

5.  The Camera Connector, at only $30, was a  must for me.  There’s no USB plug-in for the ipad2 so the camera connector solves that problem.  It also comes with an SD card reader but all professional size cameras have a CF card so that did me no good.  And, I’m surprised, with how many photographers use and can use this device towards their business and photography, that Apple hasn’t provided an option for CF cards.  But, the USB works!  And, this makes it possible for me to do a same day preview of my favorite un-edited images on your wedding day…so it ranks.

6.  A favorite app of mine so far is the Flipboard.  This is a totally free app and allows you to put all your favorite information, social sites and news in one place.  I can finally catch up on my Google Reader…eventually.  I have 1,000+ unread blog posts to get to and it seems to be impossible to do in front of my computer when I have images that need editing, albums that need designed and emails that need answered to go through and read my Google Reader.  But, this is also where I get inspired, learn new tricks and trends and stay up to date with weddings and portraits.  So, I’m really happy and that makes it all worth while. =)


7. The Pictage App makes the list for me because this is who I use for your proofing and ordering.  Having an app on my ipad2 and iphone makes your customer service almost instant.  I can add your events, change your event details, approve orders, change orders and shipping, etc. all from…anywhere really.

8.  The Friendly for Facebook app makes Facebook familiar on the ipad2 and let’s face it, we’re all on there, so this helps me keep in touch with family, friends and clients.  Be my friend on Facebook!

I’m sure I’ll find some more apps out there once I get some more time to play around.  I’d like to have an app for contacts and notes that is connected so I can keep all my information in one place.  If I missed anything, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know!

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