Wedding trends i love { The Coffee Bar }

It may just be my love for the Espresso Machine I got for Christmas, freeing me from Starbucks daily trips and loads of money, but I’m feeling the love for Reception Coffee Bars today and thought I would share some fun wedding inspiration and photos from Pinterest.  I could create a run-on sentence here about how all that time saved from driving to Starbucks and back is now spent on my new obsession, Pinterest but I’ll assume you’re in the same boat and loving that site as well already.

The Wedding Reception Coffee Bar isn’t that new but is still a rare sighting.  The perfect occasion for this yummy treat is during a late night reception to keep your guests going on the dance floor or for those after party attendees.  Think iced coffee in the Summertime!  I love seasonal flavors myself and the Pumpkin Spice Latte at a wedding would probably send me into overdrive reception photo ninja-ing!

Another Coffee Bar perk is how easy it would be to tie in wedding favors and personalize your wedding, making it a unique and entertaining party.  Don’t just stop with chocolate dipped spoons…get some personalized insulated holders, heart shaped cookies and oh! the toppings!  That Chalkboard below can be done with an Organic Bloom Frame too.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I love the idea above but it needs an Organic Bloom Frame.  Don’t you think?

If you like this idea and need some details, Organic Bloom Framing can be used for the chalkboard, the “Warm up,” sign and can be tied in with bride and groom signs for the back of your chair.  SEE BELOW.

Image by Clara McLemore Photography

See the full post on Organic Bloom Framing with your wedding details here.

Happy Planning!

Heather Brulez Photography